Pioneering Sustainability in unconventional Industries.

7awi Sustainable innovators Award UAE

Date: 2 November 2023 | Time: 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM 

About the Event:

Welcome to the 7awi Sustainable Innovators Award UAE, a prestigious event celebrating sustainability and recognizing trailblazers pioneering eco-friendly practices across unconventional industries. Join us on [Date: November 2023] at [Venue: TBD], as we shine a spotlight on companies and individuals making a difference in home appliances and electronics, automotive, beauty, skincare, mobile, food & beverages, retail, hospitality, construction and real estate, and fashion and apparel sectors. 

Event Objective:

The primary objective of the 7awi Sustainable innovators Award UAE is to encourage and celebrate sustainability practices within unconventional industries. While sustainability efforts have traditionally been associated with specific sectors, this event aims to showcase the significant impact and innovative approaches that various industries can adopt to contribute to a greener and more sustainable UAE. By highlighting the achievements of companies and individuals from home appliances and electronics, automotive, beauty, skincare, mobile, food & beverages, retail, hospitality, construction and real estate, and fashion and apparel industries, we inspire cross-sectoral collaboration and foster a collective commitment to building a more sustainable future. 

Event Highlights:

  • Inspiring opening ceremony setting the tone for a night of celebration and innovation in sustainability. 
  • Award presentations honoring outstanding achievements in promoting sustainability. 
  • Dynamic networking platform connecting sustainability pioneers and advocates. 
  • Eco-conscious practices to ensure a greener event. 

Award Categories and Criteria:

Recognizing companies that have made significant improvements in energy efficiency in their products. 

Criteria: Use of innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption, percentage reduction in energy usage compared to industry standards. 

Commending companies in the automotive sector for their efforts in sustainable transportation solutions. 

Criteria: Development and manufacturing of eco-friendly vehicles (e.g., electric, hybrid), investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure. 

Honouring brands in the beauty and skincare industry that prioritize natural and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Criteria: Use of natural and organic ingredients, cruelty-free practices, eco-friendly packaging. 

Celebrating companies in the mobile industry committed to sustainable design and manufacturing. 

Criteria: Sustainable manufacturing processes, initiatives to promote recycling and electronic waste reduction. 

Acknowledging companies in the food and beverage sector for sustainable sourcing and waste reduction. 

Criteria: Sourcing from ethical suppliers, food waste reduction initiatives, eco-friendly packaging. 

Recognizing retailers leading the way in sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. 

Criteria: Sustainable store operations, eco-friendly product selection, commitment to social and environmental causes. 

Commending hotels and hospitality establishments promoting sustainable practices in their operations. 

Criteria: Energy-saving measures, water conservation initiatives, integration of sustainability into guest experiences. 

Honouring restaurants and foodservice establishments that prioritize sustainability in their operations and menu offerings. 

Criteria: Use of locally sourced and organic ingredients, waste reduction practices, sustainable packaging options. 

Recognizing fashion brands that promote ethical sourcing, eco-friendly materials, and responsible manufacturing practices. 

Criteria: Use of sustainable fabrics, fair labour practices, waste reduction initiatives. 

Honouring construction companies and real estate developers committed to green building practices and eco-friendly infrastructure. 

Criteria: Use of sustainable construction materials, energy-efficient building design, LEED or similar certifications. 

Event Agenda:

Registration and Welcome Reception

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Address

Keynote Speech – “Greening Unconventional Industries: Fostering a Sustainable Future” (30 minutes)

Award Presentations for Pioneering Sustainability Across Industries

Networking and Celebration with Sustainable Refreshments

Who will Attend:

  1. Visionary Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs 
  2. Sustainability Innovators and Practitioners 
  3. Government Representatives Advocating Sustainable Growth 
  4. NGOs and Sustainability Advocacy Groups 
  5. Academics and Researchers Exploring Sustainable Solutions 
  6. Industry Associations Promoting Green Initiatives 
  7. Suppliers and Vendors Championing Eco-Friendly Solutions 
  8. Media and Press Pioneering Sustainability Journalism 
  9. Students and Young Professionals Advocating for Greener Practices 
  10. Sustainability Enthusiasts Eager to Make a Difference

Let’s ride the GreenWave together, uniting various industries in a commitment to a greener, more sustainable UAE. Together, we can make a significant impact and inspire a wave of positive change across industries. 

 Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for this groundbreaking event!